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Add a little sparkle to your everyday with this versatile, dainty, gold cuff bracelet. Your new wear forever piece. 

- 14k gold filled, measuring 1/8” across  
- Hand stamped stars detail at cuff opening 
- Cuffs have a 1" opening and are flexible 

Sized by cuff length: 

XS: 5" 

XS/S: 5.25" 

S: 5.5" 

S/M: 5.75" 

M: 6" 

M/L: 6.25" 

L: 6.5" 

L/XL: 6.75 

XL: 7" 

XL/XXL: 7.25" 

XXL: 7.5" 

Note that each of these listed measurements are the length of the gold. The 1" opening in the cuff will make the bracelet feel 1" larger. 

We suggest you measure for this cuff by wrapping piece of regular tape around your wrist. Mark your wrist size, and then use a ruler to measure the length of the piece of tape. We suggest ordering the size that is closest to that measurement. For example, if your wrist measures 6”, we suggest ordering a medium (6”) cuff.  

Every piece of In Situ Jewelry is thoughtfully designed and handmade in our studio in coastal California. 

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