Hey loves! Suzanne here, founder x designer of In Situ Jewelry. Every single piece of In Situ is made with love, made to last, made just for you. I work out of a small studio in coastal Santa Cruz, California. Most pieces begin as sheet metal or wire, which I then hand cut, form, hammer, and finish in house. I am captivated by this process of transforming raw metal and stones into beautiful pieces, made to treasure for years to come. 

Sustainability is very important to me. All orders are shipped in recyclable and/or biodegradable packaging; 100% plastic-free! Every piece of packaging that comes into my studio (from supply orders, etc.) is recycled or reused. Most of the materials I use to create your pieces originate in the USA, and all of the sterling silver pieces are made with 100% recycled metals. I work with a company based out of New Mexico that melts down jeweler’s scraps and pieces of old jewelry, and reforms it into wire and sheet metal, which I then use to create your pieces. 

In Situ is Latin for “in place.” It refers to something that exists in its natural, original environment. A little reminder to be authentic and true to yourself. And a reminder to live in the moment, with the confidence and trust that everything is in its place. 

I absolutely adore designing and creating jewelry for you guys! Can’t believe it’s been 5+ years now. It is my true passion to create pieces that make you and your loved ones feel beautiful, confident, and happy! Thank you for your continued support throughout the years. It means the world to me 🖤 


P.S. Scroll down for a fun behind the scenes video shot by Santa Cruz photographer Kaili Reynolds ~