Every piece of In Situ is handmade to order in my studio on the central California coast. I use high quality 14k gold fill and recycled sterling silver to create minimal and timeless pieces. 

I am committed to using sustainable, quality materials, as well as practicing minimal waste in the studio. The raw sterling silver and 14k gold fill I use is sourced from a local supplier who manufactures within the US and employs American workers. All of the sterling silver used to make In Situ pieces are made with 100% recycled silver, manufactured within the US. All silver and gold scraps are recycled so there is zero waste of precious metals. I ship all orders in plastic-free packaging. The mailers are compostable and the jewelry boxes are both recyclable and reusable. I also offer repairs to any In Situ piece, to reduce waste and prolong the life of your jewelry. 

Thank you for your support of In Situ; it is my true passion to create jewelry for you and your loved ones. I am captivated by the process of designing and creating pieces out of raw metal and precious stone, knowing they will be worn and loved for years to come. 

Customers always ask what In Situ means. It is a beautiful, Latin word which translates to “in place.” My hope is that every piece of In Situ Jewelry is a sweet reminder to focus on the positive, and to live in the present. 

Thank you for supporting this woman owned, USA made, small business; it truly means so much! 

xx Suzanne 

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