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Z A L E 

Strength of the sea. 

Simple, 14k gold filled drawn chain anklet. Durable and designed for everyday wear. Perfect for summer beach days! 

This anklet is sized by circumference: 

Extra Small: 8” 

Small: 9”

Medium: 10” 

Large: 11” 

Extra Large: 12” 

*This anklet comes with a 0.5" extender chain which is not included in these measurements. 

We suggest you measure for this anklet by wrapping a measuring tape or piece of string around your ankle. We suggest you add about 1” to that measurement to get your anklet size. For example, if someone’s ankle measures 8”, we would suggest a size small (9”) anklet for them. Remember, it does come with a 0.5” extender chain to allow for some adjustment :) 

Every piece of In Situ Jewelry is thoughtfully designed and handmade in our studio in coastal California. 

"The owner of this shop is incredibly kind. Super quick shipping. Just really impressed with the quality!" ~Anonymous 

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