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U S Q U E 

From the Latin phrase, a solis ortu usque ad occasum, meaning from sunrise to sunset.  

Labradorite and amazonite stone earrings, with your choice of shorter and longer stones. 

Both labradorite and amazonite are natural stones and each piece varies in size, shape, and color. We try our best to match the stones, but they will not be identical. This imperfection is beautiful.

Amazonite is a gorgeous stone that is often referred to as the stone of truth. It is thought to impart confidence in expressing one’s own truths, values, and beliefs, while at the same time not being fearful of judgement. This stone also helps with the ability to set clear, healthy boundaries for oneself and others. Labradorite is said to be the stone of transformation, giving the wearer strength and perseverance. 

Earrings measure approximately 3-1/2” in length.

Every piece of In Situ Jewelry is thoughtfully designed and handmade in our studio in coastal California. 

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